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Code_Aster, free CAE software based on finite elements

Code_Aster is a software for finite element analysis and numerical simulation in structural mechanics and multiphysics.

Code_Aster feature:

- Type FEM : Linear & non-linear static / dynamic, thermal & fluid analysis
- Type of License : GPL
- Developer : Electricite de France (EDF)
: Code_Aster

It was developed by the French company Electricite de France (EDF), for the study and maintenance of plants and power grids. He was released under the GNU General Public License in October 2001. Most documentation is available in French.

Code_Aster is a solver or processing engine, i.e. it does not include preprocessing and post - processing tools. This means that meshing and presentation of the solutions must be realized using other softwares for instance SALOME and ParaView respectively. In this regard, the version SALOME-MECA allows full functionality.

Their  applications span multiple disciplines: mechanical, thermal analysis, hydrodynamics, metallurgy, hydration, drying ...  Stationary or transient conditions, and both linear and nonlinear processes can be modelled. It also includes specific tools for fatigue, deformation, fracture, contact, geotechnics, porous materials, etc.

Code_Aster contains 1500000 lines of source code, mostly in Fortran and Python, and is constantly being developed, updated and improved with new models. The qualitative standards required by the nuclear industry have provided improvements to reach the highest levels of functionality and accuracy, which have been validated by independent comparisons with analytical and experimental results.

The software is provided with about 2000 test, dedicated to elementary grade, and are useful as examples. Code_Aster documentation includes over 14000 pages. Most of this documentation is only in French language.


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