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Miguel Cerrolaza Rivas
foto Ph.D in Industrial Engineering by Universidad Politénica de Madrid (Spain), Master in Civil Engineering by Universidade Federal de Río de Janeiro (Brazil). Visiting profesor at Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussess (France) and Colorado School of Mines (USA). Currently he is profesor at the International University of Valencia (Valencia, Spain) and at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Barcelona, Spain). He has more than 30 years of experience in finite elements, numerical methods and computer modeling. He has written almost 10 books and dozens of papers in scientific journals. He has been invited to more than 40 conferences around the world.
Daniel Pérez Teijeiro
foto Senior technician in the development of computer applications and telecommunications and computer systems. I have a teaching degree in vocational training for employment and extensive work experience as a teacher since 2010 teaching different courses in the IT and electronic commerce sector (web programming, office automation, online marketing, social media management, etc. .)
Mª Isabel Lamas Galdo
foto Ph.D in Industrial Engineering. Since 2008 she is an associate professor at University of Coruña, degrees of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Engineering. She has written several books and many papers in scientific journals. Besides, she has participated in several national and international congresses. She also has professional experience in engineering projects.
Carlos Rodríguez Vidal
foto PhD in Marine Energy and Propulsion, Master in Maritime Engineering, Marine Engineer and Naval Technical Engineer. He has been working in mechanical design since almost 20 years. Besides, he has participated as researcher in several projects at University of Coruña and CIS Galicia. He has several books, papers in scientific journals and participations in congresses.
Juan López Maroño
foto Product Engineer. He began his professional career in the field of architecture, working at first as field technician and then as consultant. After that he worked as product engineer, designing conceptual furniture for several furniture companies. Besides, he participated in the development and implementation of 3D printers at University of Coruña.
Diego Villanueva de la Peña
foto Architect and Master in Energetic Management in Construction. She has training and professional experience in architecture, construction, energetic efficiency, renewable energies, rehabilitation of buildings and auditing. She also has teaching experience in the field of architecture and construction.
Esther Mora Oliver
foto Aeronautical Engineer. He has been working for many years in the aeronautical industry and metal construction. Nowadays, she also dedicates to teaching online and face-to-face courses.
Juan de Dios Rodríguez García
foto Ph.D. in Naval Engineering, Master in Risk Prevention and Electric Engineer. He has an extensive professional experience in electric engineering. Currently he is an associate professor at University of Coruña, degree Electronic Engineering. Besides, he is the director of Marine Innovations Research Group ( at University of Coruña.
José Camilo López Pérez
foto Industrial Technical Engineer, Master in Risk Prevention and Master in Environmental Consulting and Environmental Quality Management according to ISO 9001. She has an extensive professional experience as environmental technician and internal auditor.
Félix Cienfuegos Rivas
foto Structural Engineer. He has an extended professional experience as Head of Maintenance. He has worked in many maintenance works such as Technical Office, Civil Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Mechanical Analysis, Radioactive Installations, etc. He has also worked as teacher of Electrotechnics and Descriptive Geometry. He is an expert on computer software programming, he has developed many software aimed to manage his different works.
Santiago Rey García
foto Marine Engineer. He has an extensive professional experience as 1st and 2nd Marine Engineer in oil tankers, chemical tankers, Ropax and high-sea tugboats. Currently, he is working as 1st Engineer in a high-sea tugboat.
Pablo Mira-Oteiza
foto Naval and Ocean Engineer by Universidade da Coruña. He has an extended experience on the conceptual design of ships and artifacts as well as on the coordination of basic engineering projects. He has collaborated in the engineering departments of companies such as Navantia, Capgemini or Gabadi, in pioneering projects for the naval industry. He is an expert in ship modeling using different softwares and has created numerous subsequently built ship hulls. In his work he performs naval architecture calculations as well as structural calculations using the finite element method.
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