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Why Online Technical Courses?
When we finish our academic studies at the university and access to the world of work for the first time, we realize about the separation between the academic formation and the company work. Unfortunately, this is an endemic problem that has a difficult solution, for this reason the problem persists for a long time.

Most companies need people with real knowledge and skills. A degree is not enough, and it is necessary to demonstrate day by day some capabilities that are supposed to us but that we have to justify with facts, not with words.
The incorporation to the professional world is probably one of the most critical moments for the recent graduates, the reason is that they are in a situation of inferiority with respect to other professionals with more experience. This limits their ability to be hired or prevents them from doing so under conditions that may be considered adequate for their degrees.

If the recent graduate is lucky, the company can bet on him and provide him with the necessary training. This involves a risk for the company since it must allocate its own or subcontracted resources to third parties to train the new employee and then the latter could leave for another company. For this reason, many companies prefer to hire a professional who is already trained and with some experience, although they must pay a little more.

Once you enter the loop, it is difficult to get out, the recent graduate wants to work but the companies tell him that he has been discarded from the selection process due to lack of experience. And the experience cannot be acquired without working, so a graceful exit can be complicated, although sooner or later it usually comes out one way or the other.

In any case, the recent graduate must be able to acquire, as quickly as possible and with great efficiency, the necessary knowledge that will open the door to enter the world of work, and once inside, allow him to carry out his work with great solvency, to achieve recognition by their superiors and this power to level up and promote.

It is necessary to get hired, but it is also important to get on the right foot, prove yourself and promote. One very important thing is to avoid being stuck, which can cause us frustration, interrupting our evolution in the professional and economic aspect.

Another existing problem, which is derived from the tremendous technological advance, is the continuous appearance of new jobs, some of them non-existent only a few years ago. On the other hand, some sectors are reducing the demand for personnel. This forces many professionals to try to reorient their professional trajectory to adapt to the demand.

Our main objective is to provide a real solution to the problem of training deficit, both for the recent graduates, and for the experienced professionals who want to retrain or reorient their careers.

Other of our objectives are:
  • Making knowledge available to our students at an expert level through short courses that allow them to be combined with a normal working day.
  • Providing students with the availability to take the course at any time to make the best use of their time. The courses are available 24 hours a day from Monday to Sunday.
  • Availability to take the course from anywhere in the world, just by having internet access.
  • Providing courses at reasonable costs that making them affordable for students with limited financial resources. It should also be appreciated that with online training, additional costs that we would have in face-to-face courses (travel, subsistence, stays, fees, taxes, etc.) are eliminated.

In order to carry out our objectives, it was necessary to have teachers with great professional experience, if possible still active. That made it possible to provide high-quality training that can only be acquired after years of professional practice. What is known as "expert knowledge". The “general knowledge” should already be possessed by the student at the end of their university studies.

The next step was to put the expert teacher in communication with the students. The two main drawbacks are the time available to complete the course within a whole workday and the costs of the training action, which must be reasonable and affordable for the recent graduate who does not have large financial resources. Both difficulties have been solved through online training courses.

Logically, not all technical courses are suitable for online training, so we have only selected courses that are 100% suitable for this type of training.

An important aspect that we have taken into account was the pedagogical adaptation, expert teachers may lack this type of training, which can lead to difficulties in developing teaching. For this reason, in the preparation of our courses we have the support of personnel with pedagogical training, who intervene to ensure that the training activity allows the acquisition of technical knowledge with total efficiency.

Our academic model seeks to learn by doing, this means that our courses have a series of exercises and educational activities that will allow the student to acquire their knowledge and skills effectively and practically. Especially important for us is obtaining good learning performance, this means acquiring knowledge at a relatively low cost of hours, for this the correct preparation of teaching materials is of decisive importance.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that our training plan follows a continuous improvement program, for this all students who finish a course must carry out a quality survey where they can assess the different parameters of the course, as well as indicate aspects that they consider to be improvable. Based on this information, corrective actions are implemented whenever necessary within the continuous improvement program.

Published 2020-05-18 12:13:44 by C. Rodríguez


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