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Hull modeling using Rhinoceros 3D
The most common way to model a 3D hull is using its plane forms. A plane form represents the water lines, as well as the longitudinal and transverse vertical sections. 

Plane forms of a small fishing ship.

By symmetry, only half ot the shift is drawn in the plane forms.

The most appropiate softwares for 3D modeling of the hull are Maxsurf and Rhinoceros, both work from NURBS surfaces. NURBS (acronym for non-uniform rational B-spline) is a mathematical model widely used to generate and represent curves and surfaces

The advantages of the 3D modeler Rhinoceros, are its facility to handle and its versality to adjust the geometry of the hull.
It also has tools for smoothing the hull (fairing), which is essential for a good 3D modeling and can be used later in the phase of numerical analysis.

Rhinoceros 3D was created by Robert McNeel & Associates. Recently, it has become popular in different industries, due to its multiple functions and relative low cost. It includes extensive import and export options since it is compatible with many softwares. Several additions (add-ons) are available, also developed by Robert McNeel & Associates, photorealistic rendering for raytracing (Flamingo) and KeyShot, photorealistic rendering non (Penguin) and animation (Bongo).

The version
RhinoMarine is adapted to the special characteristics required by naval designers including windbreaks, developable surfaces, curvature analysis, etc. In addition, RhinoMarine has the Orca3D supplement, an external plug-in that provides a full suite of specialized tools for shipbuilding design and analysis in Rhino.

An easy procedure to model a hull using Rhinoceros 3D is indicated below:
  • In Rhinoceros, it is possible to use a bipmap image as background. Using this image, it is possible to realize the plane forms. 
  • These curves can be used to generate NURBS surfaces corresponding to the true forms of the hull. 
  • Rhinoceros has a very useful tool "surface from network of curves". We can not use the curves that do not meet all conditions of validity. It is neccesary to selected curves intelligently to represent hull shapes.
  • It is neccesary to reconstruct and smooth NURBS surfaces.
Published 2016-04-11 11:42:11 by Carlos Rodríguez & Joshua


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