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Image editing with GIMP online course. The content of the course is 30 hours, and the maximum time to complete it is 4 weeks. At the end of the course, an aptitude certificate will be issued to the students.

This course manuals and exercises. The software GIMP is available for free at Our website has chat, forums, remote desktop connection, video conferencing, internal mail, etc and a teacher with an extensive experience in GIMP.
Duration: 30 hours, ONLINE
Start date: Consult at
Max time: 4 weeks
Price: 100 €
Aimed at:

This course is aimed at photographers, graphic designers, image editors, and to everybody interest in GIMP. Any previous knowledge of GIMP is not necessary to follow the course.


The purpose of this course is to acquire the knowledge and practical skills necessary to employ the software GIMP. Students will learn to use the main functions of the software. Many practical exercises will be proposed to the students in order to get fluency.

Description of GIMP:

GIMP is a free, open source which competes with Photoshop. As it is open source, GIMP offers many image editing tools, filters and advance image control panels.

  1. Installation and introduction to GIMP
  2. Fundamentals, types of images, formats, colors
  3. Description of the GIMP environment
  4. First steps with GIMP
  5. Selection tools and masks
  6. Paint tools
  7. Layers
  8. Text tools
  9. Adjustments tools
  10. Exercises
fototutor Carlos Rodríguez Vidal 
PhD in Marine Energy and Propulsion, Master in Maritime Engineering, Marine Engineer and Naval Technical Engineer. He has been working in mechanical design since almost 20 years. Besides, he has participated as researcher in several projects at University of Coruña and CIS Galicia. He has several books, papers in scientific journals and participations in congresses. | + View curriculum vitae
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