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CAD with DraftSight online course

The content of the course is 40 hours, and the maximum time to complete it is 6 weeks. At the end of the course, an aptitude certificate will be issued to the students.

This course includes manuals and exercises. The software DraftSight is available for free on the Internet, and the link is facilitated by us. Our website has chat, forums, remote desktop connection, video conferencing, internal mail, etc  and a teacher with an extensive experience in CAD and DraftSight.

Duration: 50 hours, ONLINE
Start date: Consult:
Max time: 8 weeks
Price: 150 €

Aimed at:

This course is aimed at people interested in CAD designing using Draftsight, i.e., engineers, designers, architects, etc.


The purpose of this course is to acquire the knowledge and practical skills necessary to use DraftSight. This is an essentially practical course, with many examples of real cases.


Chapter 1: First steps

- Downloading and installation
- License activation

Chapter 2: Interface

- Title bar
- Menus
- Tools
- Commands
- Graphic menus
- Contextual menus
- Model and panel mode
- Command wind

Chapter 3: Files

- Creation of a new sketch
- Opening, closing and saving of a sketch

Chapter 4: Configuration of the sketch environment

- Unit system
- Limits
- Personalization of the user interface
- Templates

Chapter 5: Precision sketch and coordinate systems

- Development and management of personal coordinates
- Coordinates
- Computations

Chapter 6: State bar

- Coupling
- Grid
- Orthogonal
- Polar
- Entities

Chapter 7: Drawing

- Selection of objects
- Lines
- Rectangles
- Polygons
- Polylines
- Arcs and circles
- Ellipses and elliptic arcs
- Points
- Splines
- Clouds

Chapter 8: Other elements

- Blocks
- Shadows and degrades
- Regions and contours

Chapter 9: Modification of entities

- Elimination
- Copying
- Creation of symmetries

- Moving
- Rotating
- Stretching
- Scale
- Chamfer
- Stretching
- Dividing
- Decomposing

Chapter 10: Layers

- Standard layer
- Properties of a layer
- Creation of layers
- Configuration of layers 

fototutor Esther Mora Oliver 
Aeronautical Engineer. He has been working for many years in the aeronautical industry and metal construction. Nowadays, she also dedicates to teaching online and face-to-face courses. 
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