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Python online course

Students will require approximately 20 hours to complete the course. The maximum time to complete the course is 4 weeks. Upon completion, a certified diploma will be emitted.

Upon enrolling, students will receive .pdf manuals, video tutorials and practical exercises. Our website, with 24 hour access, has chat, forums, remote desktop connection, video conferencing, internal mail, etc.
Duration: 20 hours, ONLINE
Start date: Consult at
Max time: 4 weeks
Price: 125 €
This course is aimed at people who need to learn Python. No previous knowledge is needed to follow the course.
1. Installation.
2. Structure and elements of Python.
3. Modules, packages and namespaces.
4. Functions defined by the user.
5. Introduction to object orientation.
6. Objects.
7. Modules of the standard library.
8. Introduction to MySQL and SQL languages.
9. Databases with MySQL.
fototutor Juan de Dios Rodríguez García 
Ph.D. in Naval Engineering, Master in Risk Prevention and Electric Engineer. He has an extensive professional experience in electric engineering. Currently he is an associate professor at University of Coruña, degree Electronic Engineering. Besides, he is the director of Marine Innovations Research Group ( at University of Coruña. 
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