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Blender 3D applied to Product Design

Online course. The content of the course is 60 hours, and the maximum time to complete it is 2 months. At the end of the course, an aptitude certificate will be issued to the students.

This course includes manuals and exercises. The software Blender is available for free on the Internet, and the link is facilitated by us. Our website has chat, forums, remote desktop connection, video conferencing, internal mail, etc  and a teacher with an extensive experience in Blender.

Duration: 60 hours, ONLINE
Start date: Consult:
Max time: 2 months
Price: 120 €

Aimed at:

This course is aimed at people who are interested in 3D designing and rendering using Blender, i.e. engineers, designers, architects, etc.


The purpose of this course is to acquire the knowledge and practical skills necessary to model and render using Blender. Students will learn to work with figures, transform and manipulate objects, create singular geometries and modify them, create simple materials, import materials, etc.

This is an essentially practical course, with many examples of real cases.

Description of Blender 3D:

Blender 3D is one of the best 3D modeling, rendering and animation software packages. As it is open software, it is in permanent evolution. In the future, Blender is expected to constitute a significant tool to both individuals and companies.



1. Fundamentals and Blender interface

2. Fundamentals of objects (workspace, primitive shapes, etc)

3. Manipulation and transformation of objects, fundamental commands

4. Object management and parts of the model

5. Advanced manipulation and transformation of objects

6. Manipulation and transformation of the polygonal mesh

7. Creation of complex and singular geometries

8. Fundamentals of rendering

9. Creation and use of simple materials and import of materials

10. Fundamental concepts of illumination

11. Fundamental concepts of the environment configuration

fototutor Juan López Maroño 
Product Engineer. He began his professional career in the field of architecture, working at first as field technician and then as consultant. After that he worked as product engineer, designing conceptual furniture for several furniture companies. Besides, he participated in the development and implementation of 3D printers at University of Coruña. 
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