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Code_Aster Online Course
imagen 12/09/2017
Next edition 29th September 2017, Online!

Code_Aster online course

The Code-Aster course is an online course. It has 35 teaching hours to be finished in 8 weeks. At the end of the course an aptitude certificate will be issued to the students who pass the course.

The students receive manuals in pdf format, video-tutorials and solved exercises. An online platform is available 24 hours/7 days a week. The teacher has experience with Code-Aster.

The whole material (video-tutorials, exercises and texts) is available from the first day and there is no schedule. Video-tutorials are recorded. This enables each student to progress according to his learning pace.

The course structure is the following:
· 6 chapters about theory and solved exercises
· Obligatory exercises to pass the course
· Optional exercises to improve the level

Code-Aster is a software for finite element analysis and numerical simulation in mechanics and multiphysics. It is an open source and free software which can be downloaded from the page:

LINK: Code_Aster Online Course
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